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I’m going to forego the formalities and just come out and say it: I’m ashamed to be living on the same fucking planet as you. I’d love, LOVE to just fly you on up to Jupiter and suffocate you right about now. I mean seriously, what the fuck could possibly make you think this is a good idea? It makes me want to take a straight razor and carve your eyebrows off of your face, then shove them into your urethra using only the power of my anger. The only way this tumblr of yours can have any kind of goodness left in it is if Jesus Christ himself came down and started posting his dick. I know you’d love that, being the prancy la-la fairy boy that you are. If I had any kind of a choice, hell, I’d make it so your grandparents weren’t born. I don’t give a fuck if there is no effect on history because AT LEAST YOU ARE NOT ALIVE.


It’s 3 am

You hear a noise in your kitchen

You go to investigate

It’s me sitting at your table

I ask you to sit down

“I want to know why you though that comment on my post was necessary.” 

List of Female Names that I think are pretty and should be used more often


In alphabetical order

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